European Championships

European Championships

The Hyrox European Championships are held every year in Maastricht, the Netherlands, in January.. The Championships are an open race that any body can sign up to.. With over 25 different nationalities competing, it provides a unique event experience where everyone is competing to become European Champion in their division and age group. Sign Up here to the European Championships in Maastricht 2023.

North American Championships

The Hyrox North American Championships are held every year at the iconic Navy Pier in Chicao in January. Any one can participate in the upcoming North American Championships. Compete against the best athletes in your division and age group. Sign up here to the North American Championships in Chicago 2023.

World Championships

The Hyrox World Championships is the pinnacle of Hyrox racing. Out of 50.000 athletes around the world, around 1.500 qualify to participate in the ultimate Hyrox showdown. This special event will not only see the best racers go head to head, it will also be a festival of fitness. A two day event with special fitness activations, guest speakers, entertainment and a lot of fun for athletes and spectators alike. For more information about the 2023 World Championships click here.

Elite 15

The Elite 15: Throughout the season, the world’s best athletes attempt to break into the top 15 fastest times (men and women) and qualify for the televised elite race at the HYROX World Championships for a prize purse of USD 75.000. This is truly HYROX racing at the pinnacle.